ROCK INDIA 2014 のご案内

ROCK INDIA 2014の案内が来ました.



INVITATION (excerpt)

Considerable activities in India in the field of rock mechanics are in progress, mainly due to the execution of projects for irrigation, flood control and hydro power generation, building of roads in mountainous areas, sub-surface excavations for under-ground railway, storage and mining purposes, etc.

Construction of dams, tunnels, underground works, open pit mining, deep underground mining, stability of rockmass often encounter the problems associated with unfavorable geological conditions. How these problems have been dealt successfully is what we should all share. The experience gained during construction of these works will help in understanding the mechanism or rock support interaction, thus advancing the frontiers of rock mechanics.

Keeping this in mind Indian National Group of ISRM and Central Board of Irrigation and Power (CBIP) are jointly organizing an International Symposium Rock India 2014 – Present Technology and Future Challenges and Pre-Symposium Workshop on Open Pit Mining.

V.K. Kanjlia