GSS Seminar: THMC numerical modeling in engineered geologies 開催案内



Date: 14th March, 2016

Venue: Katsura Campus, C cluster C1—171, Kyoto University

Sponsor:  GSS program (Inter-Graduate School Program for Sustainable Development and Survival Societies), Kyoto University

Co-Sponsor: Japanese Society for Rock Mechanics


13:20-13:40    Fracture flow changing under long term confining conditions

                                       Kiyoshi Kishida (Kyoto University)

13:40-14:10     Stress-seepage coupled analysis for historic stone monuments using NMM-DDA

                                        Ryouta Hashimoto (Kyoto University)

14:10-14:40     CFD-DEM simulations for dynamic injection of cement―based grout

                                        Tomofumi Koyama (Kansai University)

14:40 -15:10    X-ray CT image processing to measure fracture aperture in rock sample

                                        Shinichiro Nakashima (Yamaguchi University)

15:10 -15:40    Formation of the Flow Channels within Fractured Rock – Numerical and Laboratory
                        Study –

                                        Michito Shimo (Fukada Geological Institute)

15:40 -16:10    Numerical Simulations of Bentonite Rock Interference Experiment in fractured rock

                                   Atsushi Sawada (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)


16:10 -16:30    Break


16:30-17:15     Hydraulic property measurement of sandstone reservoir for CO2 geological storage 
                        in KOREA

                          Prof. Dae Sung Lee (Dong-A University)

17:15-18:00     Global permeability evolution in magmatically driven hydrothermal circulation and
                         human driven reservoir stimulation

                          Dr. Joshua Taron (USGS)