Instructions (under revision)


The International Journal of the JSRM accepts high level original papers related to rock mechanics / rock engineering written in English.

Eligibility of contributing authors

One of the authors should be a member of International Society for Rock Mechanics (ISRM) or a student member of Japanese Society for Rock Mechanics (JSRM).

Category of manuscripts

The submitted manuscript should be classified into one of the following categories;

[Review Paper] A summary/commentary from a universal point of view, or the author’s interpretations/opinions, on the academic/technological transition and state of a specific issue related to rock mechanics, rock engineering, and their related fields. [Issue Paper] A monograph that describes and discusses the theoretical/experimental outcome including the original new knowledge related to rock mechanics, rock engineering, and their related fields. [Technical Note] A note that describes the results obtained from the laboratory/field test, exploration, design, construction, field measurement, etc. including the useful and valuable knowledge related to rock mechanics, rock engineering, and their related fields. [Summary] A summary or a brief review of the author’s recent works on rock mechanics, rock engineering, and their related fields. [Discussion] A discussion on the Review Paper/Issue Paper/Technical Note of the IJJSRM published within the recent 6 months, and the authors’ reply.

The Manuscripts must not exceed the maximum number of pages for each category listed below.

Category Maximum Number of Pages
Review Paper 10
Issue Paper 10
Technical Note 6
Summary 4
Discussion 2

Submission of manuscripts

If the category of the submitted manuscript is “Issue paper”, the content should be unpublished previously in any language. The manuscript should be proof-read by a native speaker. Authors who wish to publish their articles in the Journal should send the 2 kinds of electronic files listed below to Committee on E-Journal, JSRM by email.

Required Document File Type File Name Example
Submission & Copyright Transfer Form MS Word Surname-s.docx * Smith-s.docx **
Manuscript of the Article Adobe PDF Surname-m.pdf * Smith-m.pdf **
* “Surname” in the file name is the surname of the first author (no spaces). ** Example shows the case where “Surname” is “Smith”

MS Word type template files for Submission & Copyright Transfer Form and Templates for Manuscript are available. Those files can be downloaded from this page (see below). The MS Word file for the Manuscript of the Article must be converted into the PDF file before sending it by email. Please remind that the contributor has to send the MS Word file after the acceptance of the article. The total size of the attached files must not exceed 2MB when submitting them. Whole the process through manuscript submission, review & revision, acceptance, and final submission of the article, is conducted via only Internet using email. Therefore the contributor must have a reliable email address for contact.

Outline of manuscript format

(1) General comments The author should prepare the manuscript in A4 size (297×210mm) sheets based on our prescribed format (Template for Manuscript). The format of each paragraph is regulated by a specific style tag in the template. Authors can get more detailed instruction from the Template for Manuscript.

(2) Title, authors and abstract The title, subtitle (if necessary), author(s), and affiliation(s) should be stated in this order, followed by an abstract of 200-300 words and 5-10 keywords.

(3) Units SI unit systems are to be used in all texts, tables and figures.

(4) Symbols and formulae Italics should be used for all variables in the main body of the text and equations, except for “sin”, “cos”, “grad”, “tr” and so on.

(5) Tables and figures All tables and figures including photographs should be pasted in the text, preferably on the same page as they are cited. They should include captions of approximately 20 words.

(6) References In the text, place the authors’ last names (without initials) and the date of publication in parentheses. At the end of the paper, list all references in alphabetical order. If several works by the same author are cited, entries should be chronological. Full reference should clearly be written in English (even if it is a domestic journal) as shown in the following; Last name, First name or Initials, year. Title of article, Title of Journal (series number if necessary), volume number, (issue number if necessary), page numbers.


Copyright of the accepted manuscript is reserved by JSRM.


Reprints may be ordered at an extra charge. Please contact to Committee on E-Journal, JSRM for detail.


If you have any question about this journal, please contact Committee on E-journal, JSRM via email. Also, Manuscript of the Article and Submission & Copyright Transfer Form are to be sent to Committee on E-journal, JSRM via email. However, after the acceptance of the article, the printed copy of Manuscript of the Article and the printed Submission & Copyright Transfer Form with the author’s signature must be sent by postal mail to the following address in addition to the electronic submission.

Committee on E-Journal, Japanese Society for Rock Mechanics C/O The Mining and Materials Processing Institute of Japan Nogizaka Building 5F, 9-6-41 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052, Japan phone: +81-3-6804-2757, fax: +81-3-3403-1776 email:


The contributors can download the templates for contribution files here.

Document File Type File Name File size
Submission & Copyright Transfer Form MS Word Surname-s_r1.docx 65KB download
Manuscript of the Article MS Word Surname-m_r1.docx 208KB download